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As followers of Great Scot! know, I recently had the opportunity to attend the Outlander Retreat in Seattle hosted by Random House for the launch of MOBY. If you missed them, you can catch up on…

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Jamie Fraser…… A life of faith

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My Outlander Blog!

If you think that Outlander is a great read because of its  romance and adventure you would be right.  If you love the medical and historical details, I’m right there with you!   In fact, every time I think about the story, I find something else to appreciate. But, in my opinion,  Diana’s greatest  gift to the reader is a look at human nature.  Her books contain so many characters with so many different perspectives and choices to make.  A reader commented that the author  has created somewhere near 600 characters in the Outlander series?  From orphaned identical twins to the King of France, the stories give us a look at people of different stages and walks of life.  We’ve read about births, deaths, murders, marriages, wars,  and once even a resurrection!  It  wasn’t a  very long resurrection, but hey, it was cool.

One of the aspects of human nature…

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Well-deserved tidings

The Outlander Podcast™

Congratulations to our beloved Diana Gabaldon! Written in My Own Heart’s Blood will be on the New York Times Bestseller List!


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Co-latha-breith sona dhut, Àdhamh!

Happy Birthday!!!

Great Scot!

Wishing a very happy birthday to our very own Gàidhlig expert, Àdhamh Ó Broin.  On his special day, this seems to be the perfect time to thank Àdhamh for all the generosity and patience he has shown to Outlanders worldwide. Feel free to drop him a tweet to @An_Comhghallac to wish him well.

Even Sam has gotten in on the act! See the following video tweeted from @Outlander_Starz:

Be sure to click the link above to get the special video! Further evidence of the spectacular job Àdhamh is doing with a very eager pupil. Say it with me (and Sam):

Co-latha-breith sona dhut, Àdhamh! / coh-laah-bray sawna ghooht, AH giv/

*Photo courtesy the Ó Broinies and Outlander Cartoons

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The Outlander Effect or (in Gàidhlig) “Buaidh Outlander”

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Great Scot!

 Outlander and Scottish tourism

Now that a premiere date for Outlander has been announced, we are slowly yet surely seeing press coverage about the series tick up. One such article published recently got me to thinking. Outlander already has a large and loyal fan base. What impact has there been, if any, on Scotland’s economy and culture? And what can we expect to change after the series starts airing?

First, let me start with the article that intrigued me, published by a site called “We Love Soaps, who bill themselves as the “World’s biggest champion of scripted, serialized storytelling on TV & the web.” I guess the Outlander TV series does fit that description, although I would never call it a Soap! The bit of the article to catch my eye was this:

The fervent on-line fan base totals over a half-million and when the ‘first-look’ photo of Sam Heughan as…

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Updated: So what is your ‘Official Outlander name’ in Gàidhlig?

Great Scot!

Àdhamh Ó Broin (@an_comhghallach) has most kindly been running an Outlander Fan name translation service via Twitter. 😉  Just find your name below and then use your imagination to hear Àdhamh saying the following in his best ‘How to Speak Outlander’ voice:

 “Say it with me,  __insert your Gàidhlig name here__ . You now have your own official OUTLANDER name! Latha math leibh!”

As I see new names come across Twitter, I’ll add them here. If there is no pronunciation guide, then it is pronounced the same as English.

Àlasan / ALison – Alison

Aingeal /ENyal/ – Angel

Anna /anna  – Anna

Beathag /BAYhak/ – Beth, Sophia

Caitrìona/ kaTREEna – Catherine, Katrina

Caitlin /CATCHlin/ – Kathleen

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Now even Gàidhlig speakers can read about Outlander!

Great Scot!

Unfortunately, I am not yet one of them. I have been able to pick out a few tidbits.

The caption under the photo seems to reference something about Irish Actress Caitriona Balfe who is Claire Randall and Sam Heughan from New Galloway
who is Jamie Fraser.

The rest of the article, I can only pick out a few words.  I do see references to 18th and 20th centuries, young Scot and Diana Gabaldon’s 25 million books sold. There are also references to Ron D. Moore, Klingons and Star Trek. And lastly, there is a quote from Àdhamh that seems to reference something about the Gàidhlig.

I have sent a Tweet to Àdhamh asking if he can summarize for us in English, but I know…

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